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  • Mary Manske

    January 16, 2020 at 9:23 pm

    @kyle It looks great–it would have been awesome during our rates unit (we do some similar things, especially with the rate tables–its what we’ve been building out for the last two years) but I like how this cycles back and forth between different ratios and representations. I’m trying to determine how much time each day will take so I can determine where I can fit it in. I definitely want to do all 6 days in order. 

    I’m typing out my thoughts here–feel free to give me feedback but you don’t have to analyze my rambling. Several of the things are 0 time, because its how I would do a thing I do anyhow (like do that notice and wonder, which I would do anyhow, or a math talk, which I *mean* to do anyhow).

    Day 1 would just be the how many scoops, plus sharing out, plus I’m not that good at it, so hopefully 20 minutes (notice & wonder doesn’t count to me time wise, that happens almost every day somehow).

    Day 2 the math talk is also 0–would it be a bad idea to include the ratio tables as homework? Should it be done immediately after the math talk? 

    Day 3 N/W 0, table completion…maybe have them start independently and then share with a partner? in a group? go to boards? Can I project their work and have them explain to share out? I really like how the strategies are outlined too–thats the part I’m most afraid of. I’m good at monitoring, but I feel like I never think of half the solution methods. This should maybe take 20  minutes but will take me 30.

    Day 4 Count by 9s 0, Same set up as yesterday, theoretically more efficient, probably not, 30

    Day 5 Math talk 0, ratio table definitely in class here, probably 20-30 minutes, while I have a coteacher so we can pull an intervention group.

    Day 6 Math talk (I commented, I’m confused, regardless probably 0). Wondering when to do the check in. Also wondering if I can extend some of these–part of  me wants to (they’re linear! We can write equations!) and part of me worries about things getting lost if I do that. 

    I can probably figure out how to swing around 30 minutes a day pretty soon and will share this all with my coteacher during finals in two weeks–thanks for putting together a great task!