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  • Kyle Pearce

    January 15, 2020 at 7:28 pm

    Hi @Mary-Manske!

    So glad you checked it out. I’m happy to say that I literally just finished posting the remainder of the unit.

    With each task, you’ll notice a “GUIDE” tab. That’s where you want to start BEFORE the lesson as it is your teacher guide to explain the intentionality and how you want to prepare for the lesson. 
    The other tabs are typically:

    • “SPARK” (for sparking curiosity)
    • “SENSE MAKING” (for diving into the problem solving process)
    • “REVEAL” (to share the final “answer” or what really happened)

    Some of the tasks that are multi-day like the Hot Chocolate Task have other tabs on some days like:

    • Math Talk (a number talk that builds on the previous day’s learning)
    • Purposeful Practice (a way to dive deeper into the concept)
    • Consolidate (prompts for a student consolidation journal and/or reflection)
    • Check In (a formative assessment opportunity)

    Go have a look now that it’s FULLY UP and let me know your thoughts! Be sure to start with the GUIDE tab though… the other tabs are the content that you’d consider using DURING the lesson with kids. 

    Also, you COULD chunk it up into pieces of a lesson, but I’d recommend trying it as a unit of study (or mini-unit, if that seems more reasonable?).

    Oh and PS: to tag someone, it is usually @firstname-lastname OR @firstnamelastname OR they may have changed their username in their profile. For Jon, it’s @jon and for me, it’s @kyle πŸ™‚
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