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  • Mary Manske

    January 7, 2020 at 9:23 pm

    Rates wraps up tomorrow. We did a midstream switch three years ago and have been refining since–we taught it as: this is a ratio (practice), this is a proportion, now lets write a proportion from a word problem, these are percents, here is unit conversions, the end. We now teach it much more as how rates work in context, how it ties into slope (which they’ve maybe previously learned-ish). One of the major focuses is to be able to represent a proportional situation using a table, a graph, a list of ordered pairs, a rate, a unit rate and a direct variation equations (or any combo thereof). As written the unit is that, then a week of proportions (but focusing on them more as rates instead of lets cross multiply), then percents & unit conversions. We just moved stuff forward and back, so we started previewing some percents on day 3, did proportions on day 4, did more rates, etc. An ultimate goal is to do better at spiraling overall* but I don’t think thats the right priority right now for a variety of reasons (not including more minor things like Do Nows and tying content together).

    I have checked out the course, but thats it (haven’t completed). The unit started beginning of December, but I look forward to finishing the course and making some suggestions for next year. I really enjoyed it so far and am learning so much about proportional reasoning here and through Pam Harris’ resources as well. 

    *Ignoring the part where I’m trying to mix the next two units together….