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  • Tina Peck

    January 5, 2020 at 7:18 pm

    Hello Victoria,

    I also struggle with trying to reach all students, especially those who struggle with executive function.  I read research that says collaboration aids in the development of excitutive function. One thing I do to try to make my class equitable to all students is to provide as many opportunities as possible  for students to collaborate with each other,  especially with difficult content. Last year I started implementing a practice developed by Peter Liljedahl, Vertical Learning. The students follow specific guildelines while working on vertical dry erase boards. They enjoy it, all are engaged, and students with executive function weaknesses get the opportunity it to see other students thinking, talk about math with other students and contubute their ideas. It is only one practice and I am still working on refining in my classroom but I like getting students out of their seats, providing opportunity for them to hear each others reasoning and talk about math.