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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Community Discussion Share Your Wins Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!  Reply To: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 

  • Jon

    December 21, 2019 at 2:08 pm

    My favourite tradition: 

    As a kid my parents would create a scavenger hunt for my brother and me for one final present. My parents would hand me a clue that I thought would lead me to where the present would be. When I got there guess what was waiting for me? Yep, another clue to a new hiding place. This would continue for 4 or 5 “hiding” places. Finally, the last one would be: “Go wish Mr. & Mrs.  _____ ( an neighbour) a Merry Christmas.” Once I did that our neighbour would tell me “go look in the garage.” And there would be that final present! 

    I always looked forward to this Hunt!

    I’ve continued this tradition with my own daughters. Every year they look forward to it just like I did. (And I look forward to making it and seeing them in the hunt)! 

    Merry Christmas all.