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  • Kyle Pearce

    December 15, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    Hi @Amanda-Thompson

    This is really interesting because I had never heard of Gimkit until you mentioned it here.

    I just went and had a look and from first glance, it appears to be something similar to that of Kahoot!

    Something I have never liked about Kahoot! was that it wasn’t math specific and thus it was overly multiple choice focused and you had to make all (at the time) of your content for use in class. It seems that Gimkit is set up in a similar way.

    Does Gimkit have any ready-to-use math content in there or are all the teachers in your building creating their own?

    An alternative that I’ve much preferred to avoid the speed (i.e.: ‘racing’ to submit answers rather than thinking about the math) and provide some more math specific supports is Knowledgehook. They have a tool called Gameshow that is LIKE a Kahoot (or Gimkit), but speed isn’t a factor and students can actually upload photos of their solutions so you can essentially look at a portfolio of their work.

    Beauty is, the content is already there for you to access AND it’s free.

    I’d give it a look!