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  • Leslie Meier

    December 7, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    I teach 7th grade math at a private school. We have made choices about our priorities. Our priorities are to teach skills that help students be prepared for Algebra since Algebra is the foundation of upper level math. As a result, we may not get to all the geometry and statistics standards.  Also we don’t teach expressions and equations in 6th grade. Instead we teach it in 7th grade before moving into linear relationships.  In 6th grade, we focus on the meaning of operations with fractions and decimals, so that students really understand what it means to take a part of a part or groups of groups and that students really understand the two types of division. This helps us later when we teach linear and exponential relationships. We can then leverage that understanding (repeated addition is multiplication for linear, repeated multiplication for exponential growth, and a part of a part of a part for exponential decay.)