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  • Karen Coty

    December 2, 2019 at 5:54 pm

    Hi there, currently I am using 3 act tasks and having students work in groups at vertical whiteboards.  I have been trying to use these types of tasks to introduce a concept, and the Ss and I love them.  It’s after that exciting lesson that it falls flat.  I am not doing a great job on the next steps.  I am also struggling with how to practice after they’ve learned the concept.  Everything after that first 3 act, curiosity building, hero’s journey, lesson seems to fall flat.  I need help planning out the next steps a little better, and help coming up with tasks to use for more of my content.

    My plan is to go back and watch some of the videos from the workshop and pick a concept and plan it from start to finish.  I think I may be only half planning everything since we are in the middle of teaching and I want to use what I’ve found immediately…. I hope this rambling made sense.  Any and all pointers would be greatly appreciated!