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  • Tina Peck

    November 19, 2019 at 9:30 am

    I definitely do not believe in the “factory” model of teaching by lecture, especially for middle school math. I do lecture somewhat but I also implement partner and group activities. I do challenge my students but not sure I provide enough problem based learning. I try to use  many professional resources that I find on twitter, open middle, youcubed, Robert Kaplinsky, and others. I implemented vertical learning lasts year and loved it so I went and bought three more large dry race boards but after watching the virtual summit realize I do need some improvement in that aspect. My goal is to get my students to become better problem solvers and critical thinkers. 

    Not all my lessons follow the same format but some lessons may follow a typical format & might include a bell ringer, go over homework if any, quick lesson with notes or graphic organizer, the homework. I often mix it up with games, vertical learning, scavenger hunts, DESMOS activities, QR code activities and more.