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  • Elisha Horbay

    October 26, 2019 at 7:53 pm


    As I above writing progress reports 🙂 

    Spiraling is completely underway in my grade 8 math class. Some weeks have not gone as planned because of interruptions. I did build in some leeway but feel like I’m using too much of it too soon in the year. My students marks have dropped but I’m confident that it will start to turn around as they adjust to the strategies. Honestly, my biggest problem right now is how to track my assessments. Because I have several strands on one assessment and I have to report on each strand separately …. how do I record it? I currently have it in a google spreadsheet, but it’s taking too much time to figure out what their marks are. When I have some time…. HA…. I need to listen to the chat with Steven on assessment and see if there are any ideas there.