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  • Sarah Merrylees

    August 27, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    Specific Goals: 

    – Read Jon Hattie’s “Visible Learning for Mathematics”. 

    – Analyse my teaching plans to look for ways that I can measurably impact student learning.  The challenge being to really bring out the “transfer learning” skills

    Reflection: Just read Chapter 1.  I have been working with the learning outcomes and success criteria but have yet to really get my 6th grade working at the “transfer learning”. It is now Week 3 and we have been consolidating basic number operations and getting to now each other.  It is now time to try and deepen their understanding and get them using transfer skills. 

    As always, Don Steward has come to the rescue with a few gorgeous challenges and Ikea catalogues are brilliant for putting these skills into effect. 

    What worked well in the surface learning phase was asking the students to all draw their ideas about addition simultaneously on the 360 white boards and then share.  One student uncovered for herself a major gap in her understanding of how the standard algorithm worked but the other students were able to explain their thinking and there was a lovely “light bulb” moment when she suddenly realised where she had been going wrong and was able to self correct and then re-explain.

    Setback: after two and a half weeks of activities, sharing, challenges and only one lesson where they were introduced to the textbook that is used, I asked my students what activity they had enjoyed most. The majority said they had really enjoyed learning to use the textbook.  Gutted!