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  • Sarah Merrylees

    August 26, 2019 at 7:09 pm

    Stumbling Blocks:

    1. Getting far enough ahead in my planning to ensure an interconnectivity of ideas and authenticity.  It is not enough to simply engage with fun activities, there has to purpose, direction and ironically, enough built in flexibility and space to explore the directions that the student may choose to go for which I haven’t yet thought or prepared.  (Middle schoolers never cease to amaze me).

    2. Maintaining the momentum, not giving into to tried and tested shortcuts and just using activities as “one-offs”.

    3. Trying too many new things all at once with too many classes and hence missing out on the opportunity for deeper reflection and modification.



    Slow it down, take time to reflect and modify, spend time listening to student feedback, try some of their ideas for improvement.  Take it one year group at a time.  Keep reading, learning, asking questions, seeking answers.