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  • Vanessa Wright

    July 17, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    Good idea to use Google Docs. It wouldn’t let me in, but I have sent a request, so it might ask you to do something your end. It would be nice to talk about the type of tasks and thing that you do. I do have lots, but I am not sure, as always, if they are the best etc. Maybe we can look at some tasks and break them down and find out where they fit.

    My data collecting is going very well. I might use drop box if that works for you? Here is the link:<br&gt;

    Tell me if that works?

    I have put in a check in and the one I have answered so the students can use that to mark their own. I know it isn’t awesome, so that is why I am sharing it, hopefully we can do better (or on a positive note, maybe I am being to hard on myself). It also shows you the topics that we are doing in class, even though they only see this format with check in’s and Tuesday’s work as the rest of the time we do exploration type tasks where they have to use their toolbox of ideas and reasoning (I hope that is what I am achieving).