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  • Nicholas Rhodes

    July 14, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    <div>Hi Sarah!  So, once we discuss all of the misconceptions and errors that students made, I then allow the students to revise their work on the learning goal assessments to improve their grade.  I was thinking not to average the two grades, but just replace it as students demonstrate growth.  Students can redo everything for the better grade.  Students are going to work towards mastering content at different times throughout the year.  They should have until the end of the course date to do so.  Would you make any recommendations on improving my system or the scale I am using for grading?  </div>


    I wanted to respond to what you were talking about regarding “retakes”.  

    So if a student scores a 75% or above, is to your discretion to allow them a “retake”?  In my opinion, I would allow a retake for those students as well.  If someone gets an 80%, there is still some things they need to work on.  They should be give the opportunity to address their mistakes as well.  I see your concern regarding your schools’ policy on “retakes”.  Have you addressed this with admin?  Why did they put this policy in place?  Do the retakes apply to all assessments or just certain types?  You could actually make the policy work in your favor if you use a standards based grading model like I have.  Maybe we can set up a Skype call to discuss.   I am finding it extremely difficult to help others through the posts.  I am finding that having Skype calls has more benefit.  Let me know if you would be interesting in discussing more.  Thanks!