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  • Sarah Albert

    July 13, 2019 at 8:55 pm

    I like the breakdown you have for the 10 point system. When you talk about students “fixing” the assessment do you eliminate the previous grade and assign the new grade? 

    So for example if they get a 5 the first time then after fixing and completing level 2 work they are now at a 9, do they get the 9 recorded or do you average the two? So basically can the students just redo everything for the better grade? I know we teach to mastery but at some point I see students who just always do “so-so” the first time and then redo for mastery, instead of working hard and showing mastery the first time. In my school we are required to allow “retakes” of all assessments where students score below a 75% then after retesting the highest grade they can get is 85% or less. Some students don’t even try the first time just so they can get a good look at the assessment. Then there are others who after the mandatory retest actually do worse. it can become very time consuming and frustrating.