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  • Sarah Albert

    July 13, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Bonnie, I also struggle with the students who have what I call the “don’t care” mindset. I try to create problems and situations that apply to their life. Some students cared a little more after I let them play a Kahoot on Fortnite. Most of the time they really just needed more time to think and sort information out. Peer instruction also helps. We have a period called math lab and at times I will get students from another class come and work with their friends in my math lab. Other time I saw some success was using order or operation flash cards and playing war with a couple of students. One wanted to use the calculator so I let him. Eventually he understood that he didn’t need it.

    George, I’m going to check out the exploding dots, I’m not sure I’ve used it.