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  • Michael Rubin

    July 10, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    Your idea is an interesting one. It’s also a lot easier to communicate (as you were able to do so in 3 sentences and I took a page). I’ll have to consider those ideas more.

    This will be our first year with “flex time” and we’ll be going through a training on it the week before classes start. I’m really excited. But I’m also building in time during the week for intervention ala Mastery Days. My plan is to have extensions prepared for students who don’t need the extra help/work.

    I hadn’t heard of that group or the #. I have looked around #SBG though for some ideas. My main sources have been internet searches and the book Fair Isn’t Always Equal by Rick Wormeli (my Sup. did a book club on it last semester). Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll be sure to check those out!