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  • Kyle Pearce

    June 25, 2019 at 3:10 pm

    Hi @alexvansteen, @paolotolomeo, @georgegarza!

    Great discussion going on here indeed!

    I think one of the best places to start is to look at your course curriculum/standards from a high level. Some questions I ask myself are:

    What are the big ideas you are hoping students are able to take with them? 

    What do you want your students to know, understand, and do? Maybe consider making a chart outlining these things for each of your big ideas.

    What you’ll often find are that most curricula are designed to try and hit these things and they outline them at such a granular level that sometimes we overthink (and over-teach) them. 

    One of the biggest take aways I feel I got from trying to spiral was that I started to become more responsive to the learners in my classroom. Instead of teaching to the middle, I started to plan with my learners in mind.

    Let’s keep the discussion going here!!