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  • Alex Van Steen

    June 25, 2019 at 9:29 am

    Hi Paolo. Thanks for connecting.

    I want to follow the natural progression rather than the textbook units and I am really trying to develop a class that falls into line with Kyle & Jon’s ideas of sparking curiosity, withholding information, consolidating later rather than earlier, and getting kids to understand that “math is the authority” – not me (this is a TDG Teacher Design Group foundational concept).

    I have found that I also need time to create a growth mindset (I call it getting from “yet to yes”) so in addition to the lesson each day I include a calm down for the mind and then a warm-up for the brain. I start the school year with my version of Jo Boaler’s Week of Inspirational Math. Our district uses Engage New York (ENY), but – with the blessing of my principal – I also use tasks & materials from a wide variety of wonderful sources (Steve Wyborney, Andrew Persico, Andrew Stadel, Nat Banting, Open-Middle, Dan Finkel, Brian Bushart, Berkeley Everett). I am in Graham Fletcher & Christina Tondevold’s Foundations of Fractions course this summer.

    My idea at this time is to have a “Mastery Day” on Tuesdays (probably once a week), which I will use as my “check-ins” (quizzes) to see how kids are progressing from yet to yes. My check-ins and my tests (which I call practicing “show what you know”) will all be in the style of our Washington State Smarter Balanced Assessment. I don’t plan to give ENY-style assessments.

    I think I’d like to post my ideas/ progression as it develops. As I think about all of us posting our spiraling ideas, it’s a bit overwhelming to complete it and then post it. I think I’d rather puzzle through it, then post drafts. Then we could bounce ideas off each other. You’re welcome to do the same. Maybe that will be effective. I’ll try to post my initial thoughts either today or tomorrow just to get the ball rolling.

    All the best,