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  • Michael Rubin

    June 12, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    What I used to do: Warmups were only 7-10 minutes long and generally consisted of review of prior work to prep kids for what I was about to teach them.

    What I plan to do: as I begin teaching through task, my plan is to do unrelated (to the day’s task) warmups (for the reasons Jon stated above).

    I like low-floor warm-ups. I’m planning on using which one doesn’t belong tasks (, would you rather math ( and start doing some number talks (just bought Making Number Talks MatterĀ by Cathy Humphrey’s and Ruth Parker).

    I like Jon’s idea a lot of using warm-ups to cover all major topics in a week. I hadn’t thought of doing that. Currently I’m planning on using my warm-ups to build number sense and review/teach more elementary math concepts since many of my students will have little to no prior math education.