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  • Jon

    June 5, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    Hey @katrienvance

    In my class we spend about 5-15 minutes on the warm ups from our warm up file. I have a total of 75 minutes/day 5 days a week (semestered).

    Most times I want the warm ups to not be directly related to the day’s learning goal. This allows our spiralling to flow a little nicer.  It allows us to also discuss most major strands each week.

    I love that by spending 10 minutes working on a linear pattern once a week allows us to become very proficient at knowing all the ways to represent linear relations without having to spend one full period on it.

    I think anchoring a warm up is important. However, you may want to choose a micro goal to anchor them to. Then when you tackle a main learning goal in let’s say a whole period you can fall back on the micro work you did during warm ups.