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  • Amy Henderson

    May 26, 2019 at 8:08 am

    In our district, every core content area has a Coordinator that works K-12.  They oversee the entire department.  We also have an elementary instructional specialist (some contents have 2),  a junior high instructional specialist, and a high school instructional specialist at the district level.  In addition, each campus has a campus instructional specialist.  Our elementary campuses (16) self-contain Kinder and 1st, and some begin departmentalizing in 2nd grade.  It really depends on number of students and number of teachers per campus.  We have some self-contained teachers K-5 depending on numbers.  Sometimes we have 2-way partners where one teacher teaches the ELA/SS and the other teacher teaches Math/Science.  Other times we have 3-way splits (typically only in 4th and 5th).  Every campus is a little different and it changes yearly due to student enrollment numbers at each campus and grade level.