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  • Sean Campbell

    December 30, 2022 at 12:38 am

    I am doing rates and ratios with grade 8s.

    Original Problem:

    A snail travelled 48 cm in 2/3 hour. Suppose the snail moved at a constant speed and made no stops. How far would the snail travel in 1 hour?

    New Problem:

    Prompt: 1 minute video of snail moving along paving stones:

    What do you notice? What do you wonder? – Think-Pair-Share

    I think they will mostly wonder about speed of snail if not I will steer them toward how fast is snail moving? Discuss what speed is: a rate of distance over time.

    Estimate: How far did it travel in one minute.

    Estimate: How far would it travel in one hour.

    Release of more information: Diagram of dimensions of paving stone. Review of how far along paving stones the snail moved in 1 minute in the video.

    Go to whiteboards in small groups to determine the distance snail travelled in the video and calculate how far it would travel in an hour. Compare these values to original estimates.

    Weird Note: The values from original question have no connection to the video I found on youtube. However, when I calculated the speed of snail in video and compared it to speed of snail from textbook question the video snail was exactly 10 times faster than textbook snail.