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  • Noel McMillin

    December 8, 2022 at 4:49 pm

    I am going to try something, not on the list (it is fun to find ideas from within our own life experiences).

    I found a website that shows the value of an automobile over time. In this case, I used my truck as an example. For the students, I will remove the label for the x-axis along with the “Ford F-150 Depreciation” label. I am sparking curiosity by leaving those essential tidbits out. The question we will be answering is when my truck reaches 0% value (knowing full well that it will not necessarily do that in real life).

    I can see students taking many different routes to the solution:

    1. Students could simply choose two points that fairly mimic the data and calculate the change in % compared to the time in years. Essentially determining the slope of the line between two points. Then use repeated subtraction or division to calculate when y is 0%.

    2. My truck appears to be at about 75% value after five years. So another 15 years (every five years is a reduction of 25%) will put my value at 0%.

    3. In that same fashion, at about 9 years my truck is about 50% value, so an additional 9 years is 0% value.

    4. Another student may just extend the line until it hits the x-axis (x-intercept).

    I am sure a student will surprise me and come up with something entirely unique (at least I hope so).

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