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  • Robin Bergen

    December 6, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Hi Kyle, I have an issue and I’m not really sure how and where to ask my question. I’m going to try this. I am a big fan of you both and a number of others. My teaching has changed dramatically over the years. However, this year and last I have had a difficult time with my 8th grade students. Yesterday, I was doing a partner activity on my whiteboards which cover all the walls of my room. Students were not well behaved and were not focused on their work and when the class was over I found destroyed whiteboard pens. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I have picked random groups for years but now I find that if my students are sitting with someone that they don’t know they refuse to talk and when they are sitting with their friends they don’t talk about the Math. I have tried to get everything back on track but anything I do doesn’t work. I have had to go back to rows which I hate. I have always had disruptive students but not this many in every class. I also discovered that kids are struggling with their understanding of money which I always referenced to help them with other concepts. Apparently many students are using phone apps to pay for things and not handling money. Times are changing and I need to change with them which was always my battle cry. I don’t want to go backwards but I am finding it hard to go forward. This problem seems to have effected all of the Math teachers I know. Do you have any advice? I’ll try anything.