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  • Craig Polzen

    December 5, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    I’ve been juggling many of these ideas in my head over the last few years and this course has given me a clear path on which to align and compile everything into a cohesive framework. From empowering learning by sparking engagement, to supporting all learners, to rethinking assessment practice, I truly appreciate the depth of understanding that your course has provided me.

    My biggest takeaway is the idea of rebranding assessment as something for students to use as a learning tool rather than a judgement. While the reality for many of us is that we do have to have a final judgement of a student’s success, it’s that clarity of that judgement and the knowledge that it is derived through a triangulated process that involves direct conversation, observation and documentation. I’m lucky to have the flexibility to assess in this manner and have started to shift assessment towards a task neutral rubric that helps students see their development towards a particular skill or learning outcome. By using this same continuum in all contexts of assessment, i’m hoping to clarify the idea that success in mathematics is much more than whether or not you get the right answer. It’s a long journey, but always and interesting one.

    Thanks again.