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  • Alison Peternell

    December 3, 2022 at 7:01 pm

    The September we went back after COVID hit, we kind of put everything into Strands without even knowing it. We had to be really efficient with our teaching because we were seeing the students less and they had to work independently during the weeks they were at home. We took a look at our curriculum and worked to make it flow in a way that made logical sense to the building blocks we were teaching and allowed the students to go back and work on material previously learned that wove into what they were currently learning.

    I also love our 8th Grade Math curriculum because it applies the algebra concepts into geometry. Students get to use their algebra skills as we move forward in the year by applying them to angles, measurement, and Pythagorean Theorem. We use these algebra skills all the time with slope intercept form, systems of equations and scatter plots. These three concepts also spiral together to give a solid understanding of linear equations and their practical uses.