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  • Victoria Murphy

    November 27, 2022 at 5:04 pm

    #1 – I feel like I have many ideas and opportunities that I collect and look at where I can see student’s learning, BUT I am NOT good at keeping records of it. I have started charts like you have shown, but have lost track of them as well.

    #2 – This one, I have been trying to do better about this year. I have definitely been more timely and I have written more on their errors, but not a lot. Something to work on.

    #3 – I really want more information on this one. As I listened to what was typical, I was shouting, yes, yes and yes! The “retake” is much more work! BUT – if I give descriptive feedback aren’t I then telling them what they did wrong and then they are to tell me how to do it? But – I just gave them the answer to that conversation. Please help.

    #4 – Again, in the past, I have tried something similar with the chart I referenced above. Another good goal

    #5 – Exit Tickets and Check-ins. A good goal for me. Have to be better about this.

    #6 – YES! I have said this for several years. I then switched grades and in learning the new content, I lost a lot of what I want to do. AND – it has been difficult to be on my own planning when I am still learning the content. So – I rely on my partner to help with the workload. It is time to do what I believe in.

    #7 – I think this easy to do when you have more frequent shorter assessments and multiple forms of evidence of learning. No need to wait until the unit test.

    #8 – Again, something that I started doing and got lost when I switched grade levels. I always did 2 “review” questions as part of my unit assessment. We also do “Flashback Fridays” which is a homework assessment that is cumulative.

    #9 – Eliminate Review Days and Study Guides – The parents would bawk, but possible and I would have to reflect on this. I would have to admit that since COVID hit, I have been doing more review days and study guides than before. My form of “hand-holding”.

    #10 – I already think this way and in my report cards, I refer to skills that the students have learned well or need more time with. We don’t do standards based report cards, but this is my way of addressing this. I think it is important that parents know which areas their children are working on and how it is going.