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  • Craig Polzen

    November 26, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    I recently progressed through an intro trig unit where we spent time unpacking pythagorus and then working with the theorem. I noticed that students were ok with the visual representatios but really struggled with the algebraic notation and sequencing the steps for solving the equations.

    I then made the mistake of moving into the tan ratio with what I thought was a great hook of building some physical right angle triangles with string all over the classroom (inspired by Jon’s task… I think it’s called connecting corners or something). Once again the issue was not the visual, but the algebraic representation and the steps to solving to a solution.

    Anyway… I’ve now decided to pivot and circle back to reviewing two step algebraic equations. I’m hoping that this fundamental concept is the piece that this holding them back. We’ll do one of the tasks from MMM or perhaps some of the visual options from Kyle’s

    As usual… thank you for your inspiration… and the reminder that what we’re really trying to do is to build creative, flexible and resilient problem solvers… not check boxes on a curriculum.