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  • Craig Polzen

    November 11, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    We started an exploration of Trig this past week, so i’m thinking about the stages based on what happened so far and what I anticipate for the coming week.

    Unconsciously Incompetent

    – potentially wondering why we’re looking at squares again

    – why are we using squares to make a triangle?

    Consciously Incompetent

    • Realizations that this might be more difficult that they first thought

    • How does this connect with area? I thought we already looked at something like this.

    Consciously Competent

    • Feeling more comfortable with the proof of the pythagorean theorem

    • Using the theorem to explore the relationships of the sides of a right triangle

    Unconsciously Competent

    • Extend thinking to apply in problem solving scenarios

    • Being more flexible with the unknown values within the problems

    Consciously Masterful

    • Demonstrating an ability to reorganise the theorem to fit problem solving situations

    • Asking questions about known values and unknown values involving angles and sides showing a readiness for sin/cos/tan