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  • Alison Peternell

    November 11, 2022 at 1:21 pm

    The tool I used this week was Concrete Manipulatives. I was doing a lesson on arithmetic sequences so prior to that lesson, I used the picture Kyle posted of his daughter with the heat shirt. I gave the students plastic chips to represent the growth of hearts over the days and find an algebraic rule to represent the growth. The students were engaged, were talking with each other, and trying different strategies to find patterns. I circulated through the room and had to give very little instruction/hints. I was just there to listen and give encouragement because they were actually doing it on their own! We had a class discussion afterward. We then went on to a slide deck that only has a numerical number growth pattern. Students were quickly able to find the common difference, write an algebraic expression and find a value further down the sequence using the rule.

    Arithmetic Sequences leads us into Slope-Intercept Form, so next week, I plan to use Student Generated Strategies and the Paper Stacking Task to help teach this concept.

    These tools have come to me at a great time as the examples are what I am teaching right now. I also find that the tools overlap with each other. When I gave the chip manipulatives, students got to show multiple representations, they had a visual, and their answers were student generated strategies. Each of these 4 tools in isolation lend themselves to the other tool.