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  • Alison Peternell

    November 9, 2022 at 6:09 am

    I love growing patterns. I do this quite a bit with my 8th Grade Math and Algebra classes. I will say, the kids that have done something like this before, it is really hard to get them to not go straight to the Algebra representation and give away the final answer to the rest of the class. But, I tell them they did not follow the directions because I always start with the instruction to make a visual representation and then find how they think the pattern grows visually. I have made a slide deck that contains growing patterns so I can easily pop one up on the overhead projector to try them out periodically. I will add the picture of your daughter and her shirt to it and try it with my class.

    As far as representing things in multiple representations, this is good teaching. It helps deepen understanding and helps students who may struggle to see something one way, see it better another. It also adds to flexible thinking.