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  • Victoria Murphy

    November 7, 2022 at 6:59 pm

    I have been looking for a ratio/proportion introduction that has some numbers that might be more challenging and more at grade level than other 3-act tasks that I have come across and “Solar Panels” fits the bill.

    While I know the video itself is not particularly what we are looking for, for sparking the curiosity, certainly the drone taking the video will engage them and I anticipate that some wonders will be, how high did it fly? What kind of drone was it? etc. But, I also anticipate that “how many panels are there?” will also be written down.

    I also think that in order to spark some engagement, students may need to be asked, “what do we have solar panels for? ” and most will say to produce electricity, if they know about solar panels. They have had some environmental science and so hopefully, with a little prompting like that question, noticing the cars in the picture as well, they will get to the idea of solar panels off-setting car emissions.

    Once shown the image about how many panels offset how many km driven (which I may have to convert to miles for more personal connection) I do not think it will take much more effort on my part to start finding the connection between the solar panels on the school and the cars driving by. We have solar panels on our school as well and many homes in the area have solar panels, so this is very close to home. They will be eager to make those connections and extend their new knowledge to our school and their homes.

    Our ratio/proportion unit is not for a few weeks, but this will definitely be a great lesson to start with.