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  • Craig Polzen

    October 30, 2022 at 6:48 pm

    I’m thinking about my G10 group and revising this problem to have a hands on component.

    Textbook problem:

    “The construction plans for a ramp show that it rises 3.5 metres over a horizontal distance of 10.5 metres. How long will the ramp surface be?”

    Creativity Path version:

    1. Notice & Wonder – Find an image of a doorway or entrance that is raised above the ground with no stair or ramp, just a drop straight down.

    2. Anticipation – introduce a 2.5 metre height from ground to the doorway (change from 3.5 so a standard ruler can be used in next step)

    3. Guiding Question 1 – If we wanted to build a ramp from the doorway down to the ground, how long would it be?

    4. Explore – build a scaled version (1m = 10cm) of this scenario with a ruler, tape and string for the ramp.

    5. Guiding Question 2 – Explore different ramp lengths. What length would you suggest? Why?

    6. Guiding Question 3 – If we wanted our ramp to land at 10.5 metres from the wall, how long would it have to be?