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  • Mary Olsen

    September 12, 2022 at 9:57 am

    I see the truth in this video which is why I am here taking this course. I want to help students with productive struggle. As educators we have trained students to play at school by mimicking the teacher. I have felt guilty when a student did not do well on a test because there were different questions than we practiced in class.

    I think really understanding the learning process can help me plan better. Right now I am struggling with the course that I teach. There is no set curriculum. Another teacher at a different school came up with the lessons and everyone is just following. I want to leave it behind this year. I could use lessons that support what is being taught in their classroom but using these open activities to help students learn to apply what they are being taught. My problem is much like that of my students. I struggle with the application. I am good at mimicking and doing things like everyone else. I have always struggled with lesson planning. I used to research for hours looking for different things to do and then in the end would just tweak my notes for this years kids. Find a hands on practice activity or a “good” worksheet. My version of good was one that had students apply their knowledge but because students struggled so much with these over the years I have given these up too. With the pacing guide in a regular class I felt the pressure to get my students to a particular place by a certain day. I hated feeling this way. I tried to keep spiraling the material in warm-ups so students that were struggling could have the chance to keep learning….but those were the students that just gave up and put no effort into the warm-up. I know I am going off task on this reply. But since everyone else finished months ago, I am just trying to reflect on how better to do this teaching thing. I want my students to get the chance to have that productive struggle. I can see that after working hard trying to figure something out how the consolidation step could be more meaningful for them. How when I show them other ways to solve it might be something they would be more inclined to hold onto. So that is the goal I will hold onto for this school year.