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  • Mary Olsen

    September 1, 2022 at 12:50 pm

    I’ve used the estimation 180 in my class but students are so resistant to doing the upper and lower part of the estimation. My answer paper has a place for them to explain their reasoning which they also do not want to do. But they enjoy the actual sharing their estimate with the class part. I tried the would you rather but they did not want to back up their answers with math. I think I will try it again and maybe have students partner up to figure out what they could do to back up and/or tweak their reasoning and answer.

    Working with middle schoolers is a fine line. There are things a high school student will do and an elementarty student will do that a middle school student will not just because of the age. But hopefully as we try different things in class and students get used to backing up their answer it will help them. I might start with the which one does not belong as there is not one right answer for the prompt. As long as you have a reason you can be correct. Sounds like a safe place to start with self conscious middle school students. Plus builiding the community of the classroom as a safe place to share your thinking.