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  • Kyle Pearce

    August 23, 2022 at 9:57 am

    These are all common fears to consider and work through.
    In regards to “basic procedures”, I wonder: how well is the current approach working at your school to get those “basics” learned? If it is really effective, my guess is that you wouldn’t have felt there was a need to dig into this course.
    Remember that just because we’re going to make students do more thinking, we aren’t going to leave them stranded either. If you are a lesson or two into an idea and students are drifting in the wind without any real ground being made, you could and should be making things more explicit.
    Think of this approach as giving students a chance to help write the story of your math class, however we don’t want to be stuck in the first paragraph of the novel for too long…
    Finding a balance between letting them think and rushing too fast to rescue is so important. If they feel that waiting long enough will allow for a life ring to be thrown at them, they might just wait. So you’ll need to be aware of this as you attempt striking a balance! 🙂