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  • Kami Fevery

    August 20, 2022 at 6:03 pm

    Ahh…Where to even start! I started this Course in February and probably should have waited till the summer to do so, however I feel like the breadth of knowledge and conceptualization a teacher undergoes is a lot. While some of these ideas I have had in my mind for years, listening to podcasts, taking advantage of quick board offered PD, and exploring various online resources, I feel having the full package has allowed me to bring all these ideas forward to really envision how to implement in my class. To me, an educator needs various different strategies and mindsets in order to really make a change in their classroom. That being said I think the biggest take away is the ideas of re-branding Math Learning. Thinking about it, it is the subject that is the most stripped of joy and most beaten with formal assessment. Using the various strategies and frameworks the full Making Math Moments Course uncovers, we can ourselves think of math class differently, essentially de-colonizing the learning of Mathematics.