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  • Kristie D’Arcangelo

    August 19, 2022 at 10:39 am

    Given the craziness of the past few years in the classroom, I had presumed my students had worked with rates, unit rates, and proportions in a basic manner in the previous grade as they generally have done. However, I found out very quickly in my first lesson on proportional relationships that students did not know what a proportion even was. We did a pivot to review what ratios and rates were then discussed the concept of the unit rate which led into a conversation about equivalent ratios. This did take some time but in the end it made the subsequent conversations about proportional relationships that much richer. I wish that I had been in more of a “spark curiosity” type of mode in these past few years as I think it would have assisted greatly with the disengagement of students who had spent a year at home doing “remote” learning. So many of those students told me that they did nothing while at home.