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  • Kami Fevery

    August 16, 2022 at 9:59 pm

    I am currently attending a workshop with Sunil Singh, so I am gunna go for a lesson which uses one of his magic number challenges while adding in a historical context of Mesenne Prime. To me this is a great way to add context when it is hard to make close world connection. Being honest though the thought of adding history to my math is a little daunting. I absolutely love how Sunil is able to create curiosity with a historical context and the playfulness of numbers. However, with little background knowledge about history myself, this new goal is definitely going to be a good challenge for me. However, starting with this lesson I am going to try it out.

    I have attached my tentative lesson. There may be a bit more tweaking as I continue to reflect, but I feel I already am able to fulfill the AGES model.

    **Note one PDF has teacher notes and the other is just the slides.


    I feel this activity really allows students to play with Math, trying new combinationations. With the recap of exponents and prime numbers most students can continually try and test out possibilities.


    With this lesson I have included a combination of independent work on indivdual white boards and then also in collaborative groups, allowing them to bounce ideas off of each other.


    One of the focuses with Sunil is the idea of developing context or connections with the math. In this case adding in the story of Mersenne and his own mistakes in a historic context, add a learning story, which is an effective tool for drawing out emotion. Students can pair the joyful or as Sunil says the “Romance” of Math with prime numbers and calculations.


    By allowing students to review the two main concepts of exponents and prime numbers, the learning or review of learning takes effective mini-steps to allow all learners access to the bigger challenge.