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  • Marion Mulgrew

    August 8, 2022 at 2:34 pm

    This year I am going back to lagging my homework. I hadn’t called it that, but it’s a good name. I assign homework on Monday and it is due on Friday. The “answers” are available for students to check at any time, and I encourage it. There is only credit if the student shows thinking/work. I found this to be popular with families, as it took the stress off if there were scheduled after school activities, etc., and plenty of time for students to come for after school help. Groups often worked together during my after school time too.

    I have spiralled starters, and will do more of that, as well as incorporate more spiralling in assessments, possibly as “bonus questions”. The idea of a day for fixing or shoring up earlier work/skills makes me think about incorporating stations with this concept.