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  • Kristie D’Arcangelo

    August 6, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    This lesson has me SO excited to get back into my classroom! I have been working on implementing BTC and will be using boards a LOT, but I am loving these as the openers for the day. Of course when I saw the title and it said 5 resources, I automatically was thinking one different one per day. That of course won’t work with 6 and realistically would become predictable and potentially boring. I want to just mix it up and use what works best for the topic of the day. My only apprehension is that I won’t have enough time to find what I need as I try to work with making a new curriculum “fit” into the BTC way of teaching. I have seen TONS of similarities with what you two have presented and love seeing the lessons in action! Going into my 27th year I am excited for all the learning that will take place! Can’t wait to start some math fights. 😉