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  • Kami Fevery

    August 3, 2022 at 3:11 pm

    I have been trying to work hard on use of Manipulatives and Visual Representations over the past year. Therefore, my goal this coming year is to work on Multiple Representations and Student Generated Solutions. I am currently reading SanGiovanni and Bay-Williams book on Fluency in Mathematics. The motivation for this read…I was finding my mental thought process going back to the thinking that students need Math Fact “Achievement” to be Fluent in Mathematics. Through this workshop, read and other PD I am finally seeing the benefit of Multiple Representations to gain flexibility, efficiency and finally accuracy aka achieve Math Fluency. My previous practice was to just allow a student to understand one strategy, or one representation. However, I would like to strive this year to have my students more engaged in the representations or strategies used by their peers. Hoping Peter Liljedalh’s key responses to initiate keep thinking questions with also help. : )