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  • Jared Sliger

    August 3, 2022 at 9:13 am

    I am very excited for this school year to start. To understand my excitement level we have to go back to Covid Spring. While my school was remote I made it my goal to not waste the extra time I had on my hands. After some phone calls and emails I came across Peter Liljedahl. I talked with him about his style of teaching and he said I needed to hear the MMM podcast. I was hooked from the beginning. I was hooked on Peter’s style of delivery and I was hooked on John and Kyle’s approach to teaching. I was so fired up for school to start in the Fall.

    In the Fall, however, like most schools we started remotely and try as I might to introduce and implement all of my new ideas, it was a struggle. Fast forward to last fall. Again I am very excited to build culture at the beginning, do all the things and have a great year. I didn’t get a chance because I started the school year in the hospital and wasn’t able to return to class until mid November. The students and I did the best we could, but there had been significant damage done by the 10 or so substitute teachers that filled in for me while I was gone.

    So this year! I am ready! I think the tool I am most excited to use is the planner. To have constant reminders to not break the chain and things like that will keep this all front brain for me as the dog days of the school year set in.