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  • Heather Alden

    August 2, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    I am lucky to work in an elementary school with standards based grading. The challenge is that the assessments are built unit by unit and it is up to the teachers to try to spiral back and give students opportunities to show new learning. I have found that it is difficult to be organized well to do this and it is something that I want to work on. I know in the video you mentioned that you always had your book open to be able to quickly jot down evidence of new learning. When there are so many standards to track, how do you do this? I would love to have a book with all the standards and be able to easily track each students’ progress and I have not yet figured out an organized way to achieve this. Thank you for sharing what works well for your tracking as this is an area I hope to grow in.

    Other big takeaways for me are shorter, more frequent assessments that are cumulative. The problem with this is that the district has a common assessment so I am not sure how to get around this challenge. I sometimes do a review day and I agree that it is not something to do in the future based on my new learning.