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  • Heather Alden

    August 1, 2022 at 2:29 pm

    I have taught 4th grade in the past and will be starting teaching math K-2 this year for the first time. This planning will be incredibly important for me as I work to support students in K-2. I will have the time to familiarize myself with all the standards and their relationships and how they build on each other. I also know where they are going (I have taught 4th grade and 3rd grade for the past 8 years). For each concept in the fall, I will be using this framework to help me know how to create a low floor to the tasks I present at different grade levels. I want to also remember to start concrete, then visual, then abstract. There is a lot to think about when preparing each lesson as I will also want to spark curiosity with those steps as well. I know with time and practice, this planning will become easier, but it is a lot to think about before living it.