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  • Anna Clark

    July 30, 2022 at 6:35 pm

    My biggest concern is how I can implement learning based assessment in my classroom with current district policies. Currently we are required to group all assignments into 3 categories: weekly soft skills like bringing materials to class (25 points each week weighted 10% of the 9-weeks-grading-period), classwork and homework (six of these per 9-weeks period, 30% weight) and tests/projects (three per 9-weeks, 60% weight). While there is not a prescription for how I am to test, I am required to give true marks that are weighted which doesn’t necessarily show understanding. I am able to adjust grades as much as needed within a 9-weeks, but outside of the current 9-weeks I have to get permission. I like the idea of making assessments cumulative and also of not giving study guides. I have always felt that gives an unfair advantage to students who can memorize, and I’ve found that even when I give a study guide so that students can self-assess and ask for feedback/help, they NEVER do. They just ask me to give them the answers.