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  • Julie Gonzales

    July 27, 2022 at 4:03 pm

    I now have more tools in my toolbox for sparking curiosity and fueling sense making than I did before. I like the idea of notice and wonder at the start of class to get kids thinking about the possibilities there could be in what they are looking at. I remember my own experiences in education and the one thing I always hated doing was estimating – I never saw a use in it (other than my answer should be in this area). But now I can see how getting students to predict (estimate) something they are curious about, give them some more information, let them revamp their estimate, and then continue with the problem solving is a way to suck students into estimating for a purpose. I just have to find things students are curious about that is related to our curriculum. This class has given me many resources 🙂 Feeling very thankful for taking this class. I have many things to pass along to the teachers that I coach!