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  • Jorgelina Corral

    July 26, 2022 at 8:35 pm

    Since we were presented with misconception #1, I think I still have a worry here. I understand that we cannot make every day a MMM day, but I do think creating these moments for the entire year is going to be a lot of work. Did you guys see any pushback from other team members when implementing and trying out your framework for the first time? When did other educators start coming on board with your team?

    This year I will be working alone. I feel like I will be in my own bubble and I am scared to not have others to collaborate with. I like that I will have freedom to implement all of these moments into my classes, but I am afraid of getting away from content teams and trying to find a way back in the future when I do teach other courses.

    Do you feel that your students end up doing well in your classes, and then move into a “traditional” setting and struggle? Or do they carry their math moments with them and still find a way to make math class their own in the future? I am afraid of seeing success in my class that doesn’t carry my students forward to the following school year if they are back in a traditional class.