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  • Jorgelina Corral

    July 26, 2022 at 1:38 pm

    I am using the unit we did last year for trigonometry.We felt very rushed, as it was the end of the school year, but there were lots of opportunity for pivoting to ensure that students had better understanding.

    For specifics, I chose our original path of going from the unit circle (students using triangles to come up with the 5 points on quadrant one) to the introduction of the parent function graphs for sine and cosine. Later on, students really struggled with evaluating simple sine and cosine expressions. I think it as because of the lack of true understanding between the connection of the unit circle and the sine and cosine waves.

    I think a great pivot would’ve been to spend time using the unit circle and mapping it out on an x and y axis over time to see how it naturally makes the sine and cosine waves. There are great activities that are already set up to do this. Like one I really loved that Laura (my colleague and mentor) did with pasta.

    Memorizing a parent graph worked great for tests, to connect it to all the other parent graphs, but I do not think this was effective to make connections within the unit.